About Sharon Browne

Passionate photographer, painter and printmaker, intrepid traveler, tribal and abstract art enthusiast, lover of good stories, nature and long walks.
I am originally from Jersey in the Channel Islands. I am based in beautiful sunny Malta after 30 years of travel and discovering new amazing places. I still have plenty more of the world to explore but for now Malta is home.
My love of art and travel started in early childhood with an illustrated world atlas my parents bought me. The maps were full of images showing people and places typical of those countries - that’s when the wander lust began!
In the early 1990’s I completed an Art Foundation Course and a degree in Textile Design, specializing in printmaking.
I celebrated the end of my university education by taking time to travel and live abroad.
I was lucky enough to be able to travel to many amazing places in Asia, Africa and Australiasia and much of my inspiration now is rooted in the tribal art, colors and stories of those places and, of course, my current home, Malta.
For a small country Malta has a big personality and is a huge source of inspiration for me.
I love the creative freedom of photography and painting and the unpredictability of printmaking, the moment when each and every individual print is peeled away from the lino and the result is revealed.
All my paintings and lino prints handmade in my studio in Malta. I like to work on big, bold statement canvases. Every painting and original print is handmade so is individual and unique, sometimes the ones that don’t work out as expected are the ones I love the most.
Much of my photography is inspired by Malta, I really enjoy shooting what I think of as "Hidden Malta," small details that might go unnoticed. I also like to portray Malta scenes in unexpected and original ways.
I offer digital prints produced by me from my original lino prints. These prints retain the colours of the original artwork but retail at a lower price point making them affordable for all.
I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoyed creating it.